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Poland most hit by Russian embargo, countries could lose $8 billion

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According to Russian customs, the countries covered by the embargo on food exports to Russia could lose about $8 billion in just one quarter.

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Among the most affected are Polish exporters, including companies devoted to fruits and vegetables.

The heaviest losses among Polish exporters have been registered by those shipping fruit and nuts. Russia estimates that they could have lost 258 million dollars. The Polish Ministry of Finance will correct this figure to 228.4 million dollars.

The second in the ranking is Spain, whose losses amounted to 181 million dollars. Greece, in third place, has lost 103 million.

Poland is also among the most affected when it comes to the trade of vegetables. After the embargo, imports to Russia fell by half. The share of banned countries accounted for almost one quarter of the market.

The greatest losses - 154 million dollars, have been registered by Spain. In second place we find Poland, which has lost 121 million dollars.

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