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Portugal joins European pact to reduce plastics in packaging

Christian Fernsby |
Portugal has joined a European pact for plastics that compromises the country with the aim of increasing recycling and reducing the use of virgin plastic in 2025.


Speaking to the Lusa agency, Minister of Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, stated that it is intended to end single use plastic from the design of packaging, declaring that “it is irrational to manufacture single use goods with an indestructible material“.

João Pedro Matos Fernandes stressed that “it is not a pact against plastics, but thinking about the future of plastics, so that they are not for single use” and that one thinks about favouring recycling.

“The most common 33 centiliter water bottle has three types of plastic: one for the body of the bottle, one for the label and one for the cap”, he said, arguing that rationing the use of the material begins with “who designs, produces and distributes”.

It is necessary to “design all products to always be reusable and, at the least, recyclable”, he defended, referring that Portugal has its own national pact for plastics with similar objectives, an initiative signed this year and supported by the government to which they joined 50 partners, including municipalities, companies and universities.

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