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Prices of flight tickets could skyrocket in Brazil

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Prices for air tickets in Brazil could rise as a result of the rise in the value of aviation kerosene (QAV), which reached its highest level since 2002, the Brazilian digital newspaper 247 warned on Tuesday.

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By the end of last August, the liter of QAV came to cost 3.30 reais (about 80 cents), the source said, citing data from the Brazilian Association of Air Companies (Abear).

According to calculations of the sector, last year airlines had an extra expense with fuel estimated at 1.3 billion reais (more than 315 million USD at the current exchange rate), when more than a third of the cost of tickets depend precisely on the value of the QAV.

Hence, companies are ensuring readjustments so as not to compromise the recovery of demand in a sector that is also subject to the exchange rate of the American currency, which has risen steadily in recent weeks due to the insecurity generated by the proximity of the presidential elections.

The increase in the price of aviation kerosene can cause the prices of tickets to skyrocket, which were already high due to a series of confusing and pro-market decisions taken by the federal government, the publication remarked.

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