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Reactors at Bulgaria's Kozloduy nuclear plant among most dangerous in Europe

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Reactors at the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in Bulgaria are considered to be among the most dangerous in Europe, Der Tagesspiegel reports.

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It also cites a number of safety concerns raised in 2013 by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the global energy watchdog (even though some of the recommendations have been addressed since then).

Four of the six Kozloduy NPP units (1-4) were switched off upon Bulgaria's entry into the EU in 2007.

Dangerous reactors could be found across Europe in many of the bloc's 128 nuclear plants, in countries such as the UK, France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, and Bulgaria, but also in Ukraine outside the EU, Der Tagesspiegel's article also reads.

The authors recall it has been exactly 30 years since the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine, with tens of thousands of people in both Ukraine and neighboring Belarus still suffering from the consequences.

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