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Record jobs and investment in Georgia

Christian Fernsby |
Investments from economic development projects across Georgia during fiscal year 2021 increased by 46%, while job creation increased 5% above prior state economic development records.

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New investments totaled $10.97 billion, and 33,439 jobs were created in the state through 379 projects supported by GDEcD’s Global Commerce division between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021.

Georgia’s international partnerships accounted for the creation of nearly $2 billion in foreign direct investment in the state. Twenty percent more jobs were created by foreign direct investments than during the previous fiscal year.

Nineteen projects from Korea represent the highest job creation from a single country, and Swiss-based projects led in total investment. Businesses from Germany created the second-highest number of jobs during FY21.

Seventy-four percent of new project locations and expansions took place outside of the 10-county metro Atlanta region, along with 69% of total investments. New locations and expansions outside of this area and in Georgia’s rural regions created 17,322 jobs across the state. Companies choosing to expand in Georgia accounted for 69% of total projects, and new locations were responsible for 57% of the jobs created.

Leading industries investing in Georgia included automotive, advanced manufacturing, software/technology, logistics and distribution, and food processing, which alone increased 232% in job creation over FY20. Additional strong gains in jobs and investments came from FinTech and digital media. Investments in headquarters reached nearly $93 million, an increase of 94% from the previous year, and jobs created by headquarters were up 281% from a year earlier.

The Global Commerce division of GDEcD seeks to increase jobs and investment through locating and expanding businesses, as well as growing small businesses. The Global Commerce division includes statewide and existing industry project and research teams, small business support, and international representatives in strategic regions around the world.

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