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Record-breaking employment and wages benefit British Columbia tech workers

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B.C.’s technology and innovation industry is providing people with more good-paying jobs and producing higher revenue than ever before, according to the latest British Columbia Stats report on the sector.

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B.C.’s tech salaries continued to climb in 2016 for the sixth consecutive year, increasing 7.4% to just under $9.4 billion. This outpaced the average for all industries, which saw wages increase 4%. A tech sector employee’s wage is also much higher than the provincial average, with weekly earnings of $1,690, compared to the $920 per-week average across all industries.

Tech sector employment increased 4.1% in 2016, surpassing B.C.’s overall employment growth of 3% and national tech sector employment growth of 0.3%. The sector saw a 9.2% increase in revenue, producing approximately $29 billion in revenue in 2016.

The report is generated by comparing 2016 data with the tech sector’s previous performance and the performance of other regions and sectors in 2016. The continued growth in the number of technology jobs, companies, and wages demonstrates B.C. has the right conditions to attract technology talent, innovation and investment.

The sector is a strong exporter, particularly in the services area, where exports jumped 7.7% to $4.5 billion, growing the total value of B.C.’s high-tech exports to just over $5.8 billion. The province is building on this strength by establishing a trade presence in San Francisco.

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