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Repair costs for German A20 Autobahn project jump from €100 million to €150 million

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Rebuilding a stretch of the A20 Autobahn in Germany is now costing more than originally expected.

The work to upgrade the A20 in the North East of the country had a budget of €100 million when planned. However the cost of the work has increased considerably.

The work is now likely to cost €150 million and should be complete by 2021. One issue with the improvement work is with regard to a bridge lying close to Tribsees.

This requires driving 1.2m diameter piles to a depth of 24m to support the structure.

However the location where the piles are to be driven lies in a patch of extremely soft ground that is unable to support the weight of the 120tonne piling rig brought in to carry out the work.

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