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Repair of Vietnam submarine cable to be completed on January 23

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According to the unit operating the Asia Pacific Gateway (AAG) international undersea cable system, the repair of the cut segment will be completed on January 23.

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It is expected that the cable repair vessel will approach the broken segment at 1am on January 15 and the cable will be fixed completely at 2pm on January 23. By that time Internet connection from Vietnam to other countries will be 100% restored.

The AAG submarine cable was cut at 8:04 am on January 5, at a point about 117km from the landing station in Vung Tau.

While waiting for the repair, FPT Telecom has used land cables to forward traffic from the broken cable segment in order to minimize the impact of the incident. Viettel has adjusted interconnection capacity through the pan-Asian fiber-optic cable and the land cable to China Telecom and China Unicom. Also, from January 10, Viettel will include an additional 80Gbps for the route to Hong Kong and Singapore.

AAG, one of Vietnam's four submarine cables, is the largest one. There are a number of possibilities for the breakdown, including the travel of ships or shark bites.

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