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Robots to create 15 million jobs in U.S.

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Close to 15 million new jobs will be created in the U.S. over the next decade as a direct result of automation and artificial intelligence, equivalent to 10% of the workforce.

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This is according to estimates in a new report from Forrester Research. Those gains, however, will not come close to offsetting the 25 million jobs that technology will eliminate by 2027, Forrester predicts.

The new jobs will be created “in software, engineering, design, maintenance, support, training, or another specific job area,” the report found.

A new generation of lawyers will be needed to regulate the interactions between human employees and robot workers, for example.

And new human resources employees will be devoted to guiding staff as robots enter the workplace.

Jobs won’t just be created or lost, though. Forrester estimated that at least 25% of all jobs will be transformed in terms of responsibilities as a result of increased automation, including in finance, medicine and even farming.

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