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Romanians work longest hours in the EU

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Romanian full-time employees worked the biggest number of hours last year, compared to the rest of the European Union, according to Coe-Rexecode Institute.

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Romania and Greece are the only countries in the European Union where the number of hours on the job spent in a year is higher than 2,000 for 2013 with 2,099 and 2,010 hours respectively.

Romania and Greece are followed by Hungary, with 1,969 hours worked / year, Bulgaria and Croatia with 1,954 hours each. The country with the lowest number of hours spent on the job is France, with 1,661 hours, followed by Finland – 1,648 hours, and Sweden – 1,685 hours.

Romanians are also leaders when it comes to number of hours worked by part-time employees, with 1,272 hours, followed by Hungarians – 1,146 hours, polish – 1,074 hours and belgians – 1,073 hours. In Bulgaria, part-time employees worked on average 938 employees last year.

A particularity of Romania’s workforce is that freelancers work less than full-time employees. In most EU member states, the situation is reverse. Romanian freelancers worked on average 2,024 hours out of the year. Belgium is leader of the pack in this category with 2,659 hours, followed by Austria – 2,479 hours, Germany – 2,399 hours.

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