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Sales of Scottish salmon at all time high of 517 million pounds

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Worldwide sales of Scottish salmon reach an all time high of 517 million pounds and the first Protected Food Name bid for London.

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Boxing Day staple Scottish smoked salmon will be making a name for itself on menus across the world today with global sales of salmon from the UK rocketing up-stream 27% in the first half of this year.

The equivalent of 25 million pounds salmon was shipped across the world in 2013 to 89 countries including shrimp loving Australia and sushi capital Japan. Growing global demand for salmon from the UK has meant it is now our second most exported food, muscling in just after chocolate and confectionary.

Worldwide sales in 2013 reached an all-time high of 571 million pounds and 2014 looks to be even bigger with sales in the first half of this year already reaching 313 million pounds.

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said: "I am delighted that more and more families are enjoying the delicious, unique taste of this country's smoked salmon. UK produce is something we should all be proud of.

"These impressive figures show the UK is a place the world increasingly comes to buy quality, trusted food – that's great news for our growing economy and great news for UK businesses looking to sell their produce across the globe."

Around 40% of all the UK's 1.5 billion of fish and fish preparations exports came from Scotland in 2013 – almost all UK salmon exports come from Scotland. The top 3 destinations for salmon exports in 2013 were USA (200 million pounds, up from 48 million pounds in 2008); France (110 million pounds, up from 72 million pounds in 2008) and China (50 million pounds, up from 0.1 million pounds in 2008).

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