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San Francisco, Ca., and Travis, Tx., lead nation in jobs growth

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San Francisco, California, and Travis, Texas, led the nation in 2014 in annual employment growth among the top 50 U.S. counties with the most employees.

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This is according to new U.S. Census Bureau economic statistics. Overall, these 50 counties accounted for 34.7 percent of all U.S. employment.

San Francisco's employment grew 5.7 percent (up 30,931 employees) to 573,297 employees in 2014.

The information sector (NAICS 51), up 13.6 percent to 56,684 employees, and the construction sector (NAICS 23), up 10.4 percent to 17,884 employees led growth in that county.

Specifically, within these two growing sectors, other information services (NAICS 519), up 27.4 percent to 18,104 employees, and construction of buildings (NAICS 236), up 14.1 percent to 7,425 employees, were the subsectors powering San Francisco's employment growth.

Three more of the 10 large counties with the highest rate of employment gains were in California. They were Riverside (up 4.4 percent), Alameda (up 4.1 percent) and Santa Clara (up 3.9 percent).

Travis County, Texas, which led in employment with San Francisco, increased 5.7 percent (up 29,289 employees) to 544,038 employees in 2014.

Travis also led the largest counties in the rate of growth of business establishments climbing 3.6 percent to 32,217 establishments.

Travis County is part of the rapidly growing Austin-Round Rock metro area, whose population topped 2 million people for the first time in 2015, according to recent population estimates.

In Travis, the following sectors drove the overall employment increase: the real estate and rental and leasing sector (NAICS 53) rose 22.3 percent to 13,525 employees; the utilities sector (NAICS 22) rose 16.5 percent to 1,046 employees; and the information sector (NAICS 51) rose 14.6 percent (to 27,437 employees).

The accommodation and food services sector (NAICS 72) saw employment rise only 10.0 percent, but gained 6,336 employees.

The respective subsectors powering Travis' employment growth were rental and leasing (NAICS 532) (up 29.4 percent to 3,162 employees), utilities (NAICS 221) (up 16.5 percent to 1,046 employees), other information services (NAICS 519) (up 32.8 percent to 1,859 employees) and accommodations (NAICS 721), which added 2,658 employees.

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