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San Francisco homeowners happiest in the nation

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Homeowners in San Francisco and other West Coast cities are the happiest in the nation, while homeowners in the Midwest and on the East Coast are the least happy.

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This is according to HomeAdvisor's Homeowner Happiness Index. In fact, according to the results of HomeAdvisor's nationwide study — released today — the nation's happiest homeowners live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis and Seattle, while the nation's least happy homeowners live in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis and Milwaukee.

HomeAdvisor surveyed nearly 18,000 homeowners coast to coast in 36 U.S. metro areas to find the cities in which homeowners are happiest — and to identify the factors that make them happy.

Size doesn't matter: the square footage of a house is less important to homeowners than a dwelling that has good style, personalized design and natural light.

Convenience to retail and restaurants is an important factor, and homeowners are willing to endure longer commute times to live in the neighborhood they prefer.

Satisfaction with community and dwelling increases with age and decreases with children in the home, as empty nesters and couples married without children report a higher satisfaction level than other homeowners.

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