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Savings account withdrawals in Brazil $46 billion

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Savings account withdrawals in Brazil exceeded deposits for the ninth consecutive month in September.

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Net withdrawals stood at BRL 2.351 billion ($730 million), according to the Brazilian Central Bank. There wasn’t a month this year that had deposits surpassing withdrawals.

Total withdrawals reached BRL 149 billion ($46.26 billion) in September and BRL 1.465 trillion ($454 billion) from January to September of this year, surpassing deposits, which stood at BRL 146.272 billion ($45.41 billion) and BRL 1.415 trillion ($439 billion).

Earnings paid to saving accounts totaled BRL 4.215 billion ($1.308 billion) last month, with saving accounts holding a total of BRL 642.990 billion ($199.64 billion).

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