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Search stays strong as mobile accounts for most clicks

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Display ad spending may be about to outpace search this year in the US, but in many markets, search is still in the lead—and expected to stay there.

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Mobile accounts for a significant share of paid search clicks and ad spending.
And according to 2015 research, marketers around the world are planning to increase search spending this year. AdMedia Partners surveyed marketers in Q4 of last year about their plans for digital media spending in 2016.

Though newer areas like programmatic buying and native advertising were more commonly expected to enjoy large budget increases in the coming year, marketers expected to put more new dollars toward search than display formats.

Just 2% of respondents said they would up search spending by more than 30% but about 10% of marketers did plan to increase search spend by 20% or more. And 16% said they would boost spending by at least 15% over 2015 levels.

Two in five respondents planned to add between 10% and 15% to current search budgets for the year ahead.

Mobile — where search is gaining greater importance — was expected to see bigger budget increases in 2016, which could include additional mobile search spending.

Mobile accounts for a significant share of paid search clicks and ad spending around the world, according to data from Kenshoo about the digital marketing technology company’s clients.

In Q3 2015, more than half of all clicks on paid search ads in the Americas and Asia-Pacific came from mobile devices. Spending was slightly lower, at 43% and 42% mobile, respectively.

EMEA was a bit behind when it came to mobile search, with a 46% of clicks coming from mobile along with 38% of spending.

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