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Seoul's subway trains equipped with ultra-fast internet

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A mobile hotspot network will enable riders on fast-moving trains to stream HD videos in Seoul without interruption while underground, thanks in part to a newly-developed mmWave wireless backhaul technology.

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The first commercial service using this technology will debut later this year.

A mobile hot-spot network featuring an extremely fast 1.25 Gbps data transmission has been developed for public transportation systems by ETRI in South Korea. A pilot project featuring the new technology in Seoul's subway lines will begin later this year.

The network is able to provide ultra-fast internet service in high-speed trains by combining two technologies. First, the network transmits data using millimeter waves with a frequency over 20 GHz, which enable data transmission 100 times faster than existing WiBro backhaul networks.

Backhaul networks work as intermediaries, linking receivers on the trains with the public Internet, via radio towers along the tracks.

The second key part is a fast hand-over technology that seamlessly transfers data transmission from one base station to another; no delay or disconnection like those experienced when a video freezes or a cell phone call is dropped when transitioning between service towers.

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