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Smart traffic lights to improve air pollution in Tbilisi

Christian Fernsby |
Smart traffic lights will reduce air pollution and improve traffic incidence response time in the capital Tbilisi city, Tbilisi Deputy Mayor Maia Bitadze said while presenting the Tbilisi Bus Transit Corridor project, Trend reports citing

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Smart traffic lights will be installed in various districts of Tbilisi in the coming months. With an array of sensors and artificial intelligence it will allow for traffic lights to interact with one another and reduce day-to-day congestion by improving traffic flow. By limiting traffic jams, air pollution will also be reduced.

Smart traffic lights will also have one unique feature – they will be able to let cars drive at a traffic light if the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at each location are too high in the atmosphere”, said Bitadze.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze noted that transport policy is the main priority of Tbilisi municipality and, first of all, this refers to the increase of demand on public transport. Step by step, new bus lines will be created in Tbilisi.

Buses will move in their own lines and their speed will be doubled. Logically this will gradually improve ecological conditions in the city. Emissions that harm the health of us and our children will be minimised by smart traffic lights too”, said Bitadze.

Tbilisi City Hall plans to fully renew municipal transport in the city. Eventually new municipal transport will be able to handle up to 84,000 passengers at a time.

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