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São Paulo industry hires 6,500 people in January

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The São Paulo industry opened 6.5 thousand jobs in January. This is the first positive result since April 2015, when 6,000 people were hired.

The data comes from the São Paulo Federation of Industries (Fiesp).

Fiesp president Paul Skaf, stated that the recovery signs are still "thin," but may be celebrated.

“We've got to celebrate the first month with job creation after 20 months of negative results," he said.

Among the segments accounted for by the survey, 15 did some hiring, 3 were negative and 4 remained stable. “This could be a sign that we are finally in the process of starting to create jobs again, which is something Brazil needs dearly," pondered Skaf.

The sector that stood out was rubber products and plastic materials, which created 1,969 vacancies.

The clothing and accessories manufacturing area also showed a good performance, with 1,742 vacancies.

The survey has been conducted by Fiesp since 1981 and collects data from 3,010 selected companies.

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