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São Paulo preparing for Airbus A380

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The International Airport in Guarulhos, in São Paulo’s greater metro, is getting ready to receive the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.

Managing company GRU Airport has carried out works and adaptations to the runway and taxiway. Documentation concerning these modifications has been submitted to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which will issue certification allowing the airport to welcome the plane.

ANAC has said the papers submitted by GRU Airport will be reviewed, and in case no further changes are needed, the airport will be authorized to handle “F” category aircraft, which includes the A380 and the 747-8, built by the US’ Boeing.

The runway and its edges were widened, and the signs at the taxiway were changed. When it built the new passenger terminal inaugurated last year, GRU Airport had already built boarding gates to receive the aircraft, as required by the airport’s concession contract to the private initiative. The manager company must be ready to receive the aircraft by the end of 2016.

ANAC told ANBA there is no deadline for issuing the certificate. However, once the airport gets clearance, airlines interested in flying the A380 to São Paulo will need to apply for authorization from ANAC, which will consider the aircraft’s make, landing and takeoff times and then either give authorization or request changes in schedule.

Dubai’s Emirates Airline is one of the parties interested in flying the A380 to Brazil, and told ANBA it’s bringing the A380 to the Guarulhos airport in November. However, it said the purpose is to carry out a demonstration flight that does not entail the beginning of regular flights along the Dubai-São Paulo route.

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