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Standards support development of smart cities

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Smart City is a global issue and further cooperation of international standards organizations will promote the development of smart cities.

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That was said by Zhang Xiaogang, President of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) at Quality and Standards Conference 2015 in Singapore.

Zhang Xiaogang, the first Chinese President of ISO who is also the President of China's Ansteel Group Corporation, delivered a keynote speech on "ISO-towards a smarter world".

The speech echoed with the conference topic "Towards a Smart Nation", in which Zhang stressed the importance of standards in supporting the building of smart cities as well as smart nations.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 2030, and 70 percent by 2050. Smart cities are considered to be the answers in facing the challenge of rapid demographic growth and urbanization.

Zhang said the concept of smart city is multi-dimensional. "Smartness" in smart cities is displayed in various aspects, such as smart utilities, smart buildings and smart transportation. Smart cities should not only have smart policies and objectives, but also smart infrastructure. The key point to ensure a successful smart city is strong standards and conformance infrastructure.

"Without strong support of standards, smart cities will be impossible," stressed Zhang. He further elaborated that standards can support smart cities in three categories, that is, in infrastructure planning, management and measurement at the first level; in products, services and systems at the second level; and in interoperability and seamless exchange of information.

Zhang also noted that a smart nation is not just an expanded smart city or many smart cities combined. A smart nation needs a national vision and strategic plan.

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