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Steel company managers joined thousands of employees in protest against China

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Steel company managers joined thousands of their employees from across the European Union to protest against the import of cheap Chinese products and to warn the UK not to open the doors further to Beijing.

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The European steel industry is accusing China of illegal export subsidies and selling products below production cost, all of which contributes to the crisis in the European steel sector.

Karl Koehler, chief executive of Tata Steel's European operations, also joined the protest.

The European steel sector employs some 330,000 people but the industry official say hundreds of thousands of jobs are also at risk in the ceramics, glass, solar panels and other sectors.

He said: "The situation facing Tata Steel and other European steelmakers is perilous. If the European Commission does not take immediate and robust action, thousands of jobs in the industry, and many more thousands in the wider supply chain, will be threatened."