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Strong start for renewables following record year in Scotland

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Renewable electricity generation in Scotland increased by 11% (736 GWh) from the same quarter last year, with installed renewable electricity capacity also increasing by 11% (999 MW) over the same period.

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Provisional annual statistics for 2017 show that renewable electricity generation was 25,166 GWh in 2017 – up 27% on 2016 and up 19% on 2015. This makes 2017 a record year for renewable generation with the equivalent of an estimated 69% of Scotland’s electricity consumption being met from renewables.

Much of this increase in renewable electricity generation has come from an increase in wind generation in 2017, up 37% on 2016.

In 2017, Scottish renewable generation made up approximately 25% of total UK renewable generation and approximately 69% of Scotland’s electricity consumption came from renewables in 2017 – up 15.0 percentage points from previous year.

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