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Surprise: More Americans than ever approve Obamacare

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More Americans than ever approve of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

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As recently as December, about as many approved (48%) as disapproved (47%) of the law.

The poll, conducted in mid-February, found that 54% of those surveyed approve of the health care law, versus 43% who disapproved.

Americans’ feelings about the divisive law, also called Obamacare, have zigzagged since its 2010 approval, though sentiment has typically skewed negative.

But as lawmakers returned to their districts this week, they were met by protests and concerns about the ACA’s repeal.

The recent surge in those who approve has been powered by independents, whose support of the law increased since last year.

Republicans who disapprove of the health care law are divided on whether GOP congressional leaders should modify the health care law or get rid of it entirely.

Nearly equal shares say Republican leaders in Congress should focus their efforts on modifying the law (42%) and focus on getting rid of it entirely (44%).

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