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SUVs most researched vehicles in 2016 on Edmunds

Staff Writer | said that SUVs continue to dominate the automotive market and passenger cars are still an important segment.

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The Honda CR-V was the most researched vehicle on Edmunds for the second year in a row, followed by the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota RAV-4 and Honda Pilot.

While the order of popularity shifted a bit, the list of the top ten most researched vehicles was unchanged from 2015.

Edmunds determined its list of "most researched" vehicles by calculating which vehicles had the most monthly unique visitors to the new car research and inventory pages for that model on both Edmunds' desktop and mobile sites.

Edmunds analysts predict that the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla will be the best-selling vehicles of 2016, in that order.

This represents a slight shift from 2015, when the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Honda CR-V were the top five best-selling vehicles.

Despite the fact that market share of passenger cars is down ten percent during the first eleven months of 2016 compared to the same period last year, the list of top ten best-selling vehicles is expected to remain evenly split between trucks/utilities and passenger cars.

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