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Sweden gives green light for cities to ban old diesel cars

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Sweden's towns will soon be allowed to ban old diesel engines from their town centres in an effort to improve the environment and combat air pollution, the government announced.

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Sweden's centre-left Social Democrat-Green coalition government did not impose such rules itself, but left the decision up to local authorities, The Local reported.

From the start of year 2020, cities and municipalities will be allowed to create environmental zones regulating the cars in the zones.

Diesel cars meeting the emission standards of Euro 5 and Euro 6 will be permitted in the zones, but from July 1st 2022 only Euro 6 diesel cars will be allowed.

Cars running on petrol will be allowed in the zones if they meet the Euro 5 emission standards.

The EU's emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6 came into force on September 1st 2009 and September 1st 2014, respectively. The new rules therefore affect cars older than that.

In Sweden around 1.3 diesel cars would be affected by the new rules, reports the TT newswire. In Stockholm alone around 50,000 car owners would be squeezed out, according to official estimates.

Councils will also be allowed to create a separate category of even more tightly regulated zones allowing access only to electric cars, fuel cell vehicles and cars running on Euro 6 natural gas.

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