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Sweden sees trade surplus increase in 2014

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Sweden's net trade for 2014 showed a surplus of 21.2 billion Swedish krona (about $2.6 billion), data shows.

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Last year, the value of exports increased by three percent while imports increased by six percent compared to 2013, according to recent figures released from Statistics Sweden.

Exports amounted to 1,126.9 billion krona and imports were valued at 1,105.8 billion krona, while the corresponding surplus figure for 2013 was 51.8 billion krona.

In December 2014, Swedish exports of goods amounted to 91.2 billion krona, while imports of goods amounted to 90.8 billion krona. As a result, the net trade balance was 400 million krona in the month of December. Compared to December 2013, exports increased by five percent in value, while imports increased by four percent.

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