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Sweden's fast trains will get even faster

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The Ostlänken or Eastern Link project is one of the first steps towards a generation of new railway infrastructure in Sweden.

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Ostlänken is planned as a new double-track high-speed railway between Järna near Södertälje and Linköping, a route of about 150km. The COWI and SYSTRA consortium has won the award for the third package of the Eastern Link.

Ostlänken is a high speed rail project providing improved connectivity with a double track railway from Linköping to Järna and Greater Stockholm via Norrköping, Nyköping / Skavsta and Trosa / Vagnhärad.

Currently the social and economic development of the area is constrained by lack of capacity. Ostlänken will facilitate the expansion of the entire region, creating both economic and cultural growth allowing people to move quickly and easily between jobs, education, housing, leisure and culture.

Ostlänken will also be part of a future high-speed rail from Stockholm to Gothenburg and Malmö / Copenhagen that will allow trains to travel at 320 kph.

The Swedish Transport Agency has appointed the COWI and SYSTRA Consortium as responsible technical consultant for the third package of the Eastern Link. The assignment includes developing 65km of track and railway systems from Sillekrog to Stavsjö with a link to Nyköping and a new station at Skavsta Airport. Of the four packages that divide the Eastern Link, this is the longest stretch.

The project runs through large areas of natural beauty and soft soil areas which pose challenges for the stability of the track. Overall, the assignment includes 77 bridges and some short length tunnels.

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