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Taiwan' exposure to China at record level

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Taiwan banks' exposure to China rose to a record-high level at the end of last quarter, making China Taiwan's second-largest debtor, the central bank said.

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That was despite a rarely seen decline in the nation's total international claims. The figure decreased by 2.31 percent, or $5.36 billion, to $226.39 billion as of the end of June, from $231.75 billion three months ago, according to the central bank's tally. It was the first time Taiwan's international claims have shown a sequential decline since the global financial crisis in 2008.

International claims comprise all claims on non-residents in all currency units and foreign currency claims on residents.

Based on the central bank's statistics, Taiwanese redeemed at least $3.6 billion in overseas funds during the April-to-June period. However, claims on China totaled $30.85 billion at the end of June, up $398 million from the level recorded at the end of March. Taiwan's claims on China remained the second-largest of all countries, behind claims on Luxembourg, the bank said in its quarterly report.

Domestic banks' exposure to China may rise further amid increased financial exchanges between the two sides, the central bank said.

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