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Taiwan the largest importer of Vietnamese migrant workers

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About 56 percent of Vietnamese migrant workers who left home in February came to work in Taiwan, making the country the largest importer of Vietnamese migrant workers.

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In February, there were 6,978 Vietnamese going overseas to work, and 3,963 of them came to Taiwan, according to Vietnamese official statistics.

In the first two months of 2016, a total of 15,605 Vietnamese went overseas to work, and 9,325 of them came to Taiwan, the figures showed.

Vietnam has set an annual target of exporting 100,000 migrant workers.

A total of 67,000 Vietnamese migrant workers came to work in Taiwan last year, making it continue to be the largest importer of Vietnamese migrant workers.

The number of Vietnamese migrant workers in Taiwan is expected to rise, as the country lifted the ban on Vietnamese domestic caregivers and fishermen last July.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese workers are expecting more opportunities to work overseas, as Vietnam have signed labor cooperation agreements with Germany, South Korea and Malaysia.

As of the end of January, Taiwan had 590,086 foreign migrant workers, according to the latest statistics compiled by the Ministry of Labor.

With 237,957 of its citizens in Taiwan, Indonesia is the largest source of migrant workers for Taiwan, followed by Vietnam (170,268), the Philippines (123,493), Thailand (58,365) and others.

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