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Tanzania launches ultra-modern cultural centre to scale up tourism

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Tanzania on Tuesday launched an ultra-modern cultural arts centre that will be used to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage of music and dance in the northern part of the country.

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Built at the Arusha-based Tumaini University Makumira (TUMA), the centre is expected to lure more tourists in the country, particularly those who are interested in cultural aspects.

Annastazia Wambura, Tanzania's Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sport, said that the newly built centre located ten kilometres from the northern safari capital of Arusha is in line with the government's move to diversify tourist products.

Apart from luring tourists, the minister said that the ultra-modern centre will be used to provide education, and research on Tanzania's tribes, who are more than 120, each endowed with unique cultural values, beliefs, traditions and history.

She described the centre as an important aspect that will identify tribes in the area and the country at large.

The minister pledged a continued support to tourism players in developing and preserving cultural aspects, so that they contribute to the country's tourism, which contributes 1.5 million U.S. dollars per year to the national income.

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