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Tax hikes on alcohol, tobacco and electricity in Turkey

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The government of Turkey increased special taxes on the goods two days after announcing a 30 percent hike in the minimum wage for workers with January 1.

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The minimum fixed tax rate on tobacco products increased by 5.1 percent to 4.42 liras and the fixed rate by 25 percent to 0.25 liras to mark the New Year.

The minimum fixed tax rate for beer has been increased by 0.18 liras to 1.03 liras. The minimum fixed tax rate for two liters of raki has been increased by 23 liras to 130.68 liras.

Electricity prices were also increased by 6.8 percent as of January 1.

A special tax that is added to mobile phone sales has also been hiked by 30 percent to 160 liras.

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