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Tennessee Valley Authority to close coal-run plants

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The Tennessee Valley Authority board of Directors today acted on a recommendation to better balance TVA’s current generation system with changing energy load demands.

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This decision will help ensure continued reliability while maintaining rates as low as feasible.

After a detailed review of fuel, transmission, economic and environmental impacts, as well as reviewing public input, the board approved the retirement of Paradise Unit 3 and the Bull Run facility. Both are older coal generating units that were not designed to efficiently respond to today’s continually fluctuating power needs of customers.

“Making decisions that impact employees and communities is difficult as we fulfill our commitment to keep power rates as low as possible,’” said TVA president and CEO Bill Johnson.

“We value the contributions of the employees of Paradise and Bull Run, and we will be working directly with them and local communities to ease the transition as much as possible.”

The board also approved new renewable solutions that will better equip TVA and local power companies with the flexibility to meet changing customer needs.

“Over the past six months, TVA has worked with solar developers to add 674 megawatts of additional renewable energy to meet customer requests, and this trend is continuing to grow,” said Johnson.

“TVA and local power companies are partnering on research projects that will help us better address the desire for choice in energy while continuing the benefits of reliable, low-cost public power for the Valley.”

TVA’s draft Integrated Resource Plan points to an even greater movement toward solar energy balanced by other generation sources over the next 20 years. The draft IRP will be released for additional public comment on Friday, Feb. 15.

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