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Toronto worst city in Canada for renovations with contractor

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According to a Reno-Assistance survey conducted by Ipsos across Canada, Toronto is the city where people encounter the most problems with renovation contractors in comparison to Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and national data.

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Toronto is where it is most difficult to find a trustworthy renovation contractor in Canada: 78% find it difficult and 25% find it very difficult.

Toronto is the city where homeowners have a higher probability of encountering more than one major problem with a contractor on a single project, such as stolen deposits, poor finishing, sloppy work needing to be redone or theft of belongings.

Toronto is the Canadian city where people are most likely to have their deposits stolen (9% of our sample).

Toronto is the city where people are most likely to get unforeseen extras billed to them (27%).Toronto is the place where people are most likely to wait for a contractor who doesn't show up without advanced notification (14%).

Toronto is the city where people are most likely to need work redone due to sloppiness (22%).

Overall, 63% of Torontonians experienced problems on their most recent project with a contractor.

That number jumps to 79% for projects greater than $20,000 carried out in the last 3 years, meaning that if one begins such a project, there's a 3 in 4 chance they'll face a potentially damaging financial issue.

All these problems arise despite honesty being the leading selection criteria when choosing a renovation contractor.

People surveyed said that out of a selection of important purchases, renovations would be the one they spend the most time thinking about before committing to.

Despite Torontonians making more verifications than the rest of the country on their contractors, the fact remains that too few make the necessary verifications.

More than two-thirds of respondents do not verify that the company they are working with legally exists, has proper insurance, a valid licence, a clean legal history, no criminal record, and so on.

More than 4 in 5 people do not make any verification whatsoever regarding the financial health of their contractor before entrusting them with projects sometimes worth tens of thousands of dollars.

When we pore over the aforementioned data, it comes as no surprise that confidence levels towards renovation contractors are low, but the same can also be said about other renovation/building professionals.

While the lowest trust we found in our survey was toward stonemasons (at 27%), interior designers, roofers and general contractors came in with trust levels of 31%, 32% and 33%, respectively. Architects did not fare much better at 38%.

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