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Trans-Pacific cable snaps, slowing down internet in Vietnam

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Vietnam's inter-continental internet cable has been ruptured, affecting the country's international internet broadband capacity, local service providers said.

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According to the cable operator Asia-America Gateway (AAG), the ruptures were reported in the S1H segment of the cable offshore Ba Ria . Vung Tau Province, Vietnam. The S1H segment represents AAG's Thailand-to-Vietnam-and-Hong Kong section. AAG technicians in Vung Tau are locating the breaks.

AAG, one of four inter-continental internet cable systems of Vietnam and so far the largest, is used by four major local providers, namely FPT Telecom, VNPT, Viettel and SPT.

The 20,000km AAG cable system has been fixed three times last year.

This appears to have left other countries in the region, such as Thailand and Malaysia, unaffected as they're not on the same branch of the cable.

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