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Travel industry training staff in UK to deal with terrorist incidents

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The travel industry is providing training for staff working in the UK and overseas to help keep holidaymakers safe this summer.

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Over 23,000 employees have attended sessions, which include advice on how to spot suspicious items and activity, as well as what to do in the event of a major incident.

The programme is being run in partnership with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) which has created a short presentation offering travel companies an easy to deliver counter terrorism awareness product.

This covers the core CT guidance needed by staff working in a Crowded Place at home or abroad. The product - funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office - includes three new films which show staff what to expect and how to respond in the safest way to the terrorist threat.

The presentation is accompanied by a helpful leafle which can be printed and distributed as an aide memoire for staff and refers to the ACT: Action Counters Terrorism guidelines for reporting any suspicious behaviour or items.

In addition to the industry training, holidaymakers travelling abroad this summer are also being urged to watch a new video designed to help keep them safe in the event of a terrorist attack.

This film is four minutes long and outlines key actions to take if terrorists strike.

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