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Turkey launches its first domestic electrical car

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The first electrical car whose components were manufactured entirely in Turkey has just been launched in this city under the name TM-480, in the absence of a commercial name, according to the newspaper Sabah.

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The new car will have a range of 400 kilometers, with 203 horsepower and a consumption of about 10 lire (1.8 dollars) per 100 kilometers, and its batteries can be recharged in an hour using fast charging stations.

The TM-480 is the first result, which will be followed by a family model and a small van, and as explained by the manager of the manufacturing company, Gürsel Güzel, 'the vehicle's interior and exterior design, mechanical components, chassis, bodywork and engine are domestic, the electronic equipment, all control units and software are ours.

Its exhibition has raised interest from the local media, and has revealed the technical characteristics of a vehicle that will try to compete globally with the electrical models that the large manufacturers share in this growing market.

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