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Turkey: The number of vehicles registrations decreased 38.6%

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The total number of road motor vehicles registered for the traffic in Turkey reached 20,159,183 by the end of February.

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Within the total, cars represented 53.1%, followed by small trucks 16.3%, motorcycles 14.6%, tractors 8.5%, trucks 4%, minibuses 2.2%, buses 1.1% and special purpose vehicles 0.2%.

Within 68,178 vehicle registrations in February, cars accounted for 57.5%, followed by small trucks 16.6%, motorcycles 10.9% and tractors 7.2%. Minibuses, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles constituted 7.8% of new registrations.

In February, the number of road motor vehicle registrations decreased by 38.6% compared with January. Cars, minibuses, buses, small trucks and trucks decreased by 42.7%, 42.7%, 31.2%, 55% and 41.9% respectively. Motorcycles, special purpose vehicles and tractors increased by 44.5%, 62.1% and 26%.

In February, the number of road motor vehicle registrations increased by 0.8% compared with the same month of the previous year. Cars, buses, motorcycles and tractors increased by 3.6%, 3.7%, 1.8% and 15.1%. Minibuses, small trucks, trucks and special purpose vehicles decreased by 13.4%, 3%, 22.5% and 37.3% respectively.

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