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Turkey unveils domestic electric car

Christian Fernsby |
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled Friday prototypes of a domestically manufactured electric car that is hoped will hit the road within three years.

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"Today we are witnessing together a historic day when Turkey's 60-year-old dream is coming true," Erdogan told a ceremony in the Kocaeli province in northwestern Turkey.

Turkey has a considerable auto manufacturing sector, but it mostly subsidiaries or partners of international carmakers.

"Turkey has become a country which is not only a market for new technologies but also a country which develops, produces and exports them to the world," he said.

Two models were but five are planned with an autonomy of 500 kilometres on a full charge.

Production is expected to get underway in 2022 by a consortium of five Turkish industiral firms dubbed TOGG.

Some 175,000 vehicles are expected to roll off the production line per year at a factory to be built south of Istanbul in the city of Bursa.

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