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Two-thirds of digital photos and videos are never shared

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A new Magisto-commissioned Nielsen custom survey of smartphone users revealed today that over two-thirds of digital photos and videos are never shared, with only 31% ever seeing the light of day.

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"The volume of user-generated digital content continues to skyrocket but the vast majority of it never sees the light of day because people generally lack the time or skill to turn it into something worth sharing," says Magisto CEO Oren Boiman.

Parents took nearly as many photos and videos as millennials. Perhaps unsurprisingly, young millennials (a sampling of respondents aged 18-24) had the highest rate of digital content creation, with 84% of those surveyed taking photos and videos weekly. But parents were a surprisingly close second with 72% of those surveyed also doing so weekly.

Despite the wide availability of cloud/external storage options nearly half of smartphone users stored their photos on their computer. On average, 45% of photos and 31% of videos were stored on desktops and laptops. As a result, 39% of users reported having experienced storage problems with their computers.

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