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Two-thirds of internet users will unsubscribe if retailers spam them

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According to September 2015 polling by emarsys, 81% of U.S. internet users ages 18 and older want to hear from retailers sometimes.

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But most of them only want to know if there’s a sale. Nearly six in 10 internet users wanted to know when there was a sale or promotion going on, and 47% wanted to know if something they had specifically been looking at got marked down.

It was also important to internet users to find out if an item was about to disappear from shelves: 26% wanted to know if something was about to sell out.

More than eight in 10 internet users said they took action if they felt a retailer was “constantly” spamming them with unwanted promotional emails.

Nearly two-thirds said such heavy email activity would make them unsubscribe from all messages from the company.

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