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UK businesses on renewable: That trend will go away

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New research from Haven Power, one of the UK’s largest business electricity suppliers, reveals over a quarter (27%) of British businesses think renewable energy is just a passing trend.

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This perception is even higher in the Financial Services sector, at 40%.

The survey of Utility Decision Makers showed the biggest barrier preventing them from implementing sustainable change was cost (37%), followed by lack of government support (24%) and uncertainty by energy decision makers on how to discuss with senior management (23%).

In addition, more than 80% of respondents feel it is energy providers’ responsibility to educate decision makers on the different types of energy available.

Conversely, 59% of businesses think renewables are the key to a cleaner future, with three in five keen to start producing their own energy. When asked to list whose responsibility it is to lower carbon emissions, energy suppliers were cited top (58%), followed by the Government (47%) and manufacturers (46%).

The agricultural industry leads all other sectors in both awareness of renewable energy and taking action to procure it.

Businesses in the manufacturing industry put their own sector at the top of the list when asked who is most responsible for saving carbon emissions (59%) versus their energy suppliers at 48%.

On the other end of the scale, businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industry aren’t likely to make sustainable changes as they don’t believe it’s a priority to their customers.

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