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UK companies will be able to build broadband networks more cheaply

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Companies in the UK will be able to build ultrafast, full-fibre broadband networks more cheaply and easily, using infrastructure owned by BT, under initial plans set out by Ofcom.

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In July, Ofcom detailed a new strategy to promote large-scale roll-out of ultrafast broadband, based on cable and fibre lines that go all the way to people’s doorsteps.

This would provide an alternative to the mostly copper-based technologies currently being planned by BT, and deliver benefits to people and businesses in terms of choice, innovation and affordable prices.

Ofcom believes network competition is the most effective spur for continued investment in high quality, fibre networks. This will also reduce the country’s reliance on Openreach, the network division of BT.

Ofcom plans to make it quicker and easier for rival providers to build their own fibre networks direct to homes and offices using BT’s existing telegraph poles and ducts – the small, underground tunnels that carry telecoms cables.

This would give BT’s competitors the flexibility to innovate as technology evolves, and respond to changes in their customers’ needs.

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