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UK consumers will call businesses from smartphones 12 billion times

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Mobile consumers are increasingly using smartphones to connect directly with businesses, and changing the way that UK consumers research and purchase products and services.

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Independent data from Marchex forecasts that UK consumers will “click-to-call” businesses from smartphones more than 12 billion times in 2016 directly from search engines, web sites, display advertising and social networks.

Marchex forecasts that UK consumers will make more than 12 billion phone calls from smartphones to business in 2016, with more than 4.5 billion coming directly from search engine results and advertisements.

73 percent of these calls are product or service related, with a further 27 percent of these product or service conversations resulting in an appointment, reservation or purchase.

UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are missing out on nearly one billion pounds of new revenue by failing to answer the phone, as 19 percent of calls to SMEs go unanswered.

70 percent of conversations last less than three minutes, meaning businesses can ring up new business quickly and easily.

To understand at scale how UK consumers purchase products and services through “click-to-call”, Marchex analysed aggregated data from more than 50,000 consumer-to-business phone calls to UK customers of Marchex Call Analytics.

To measure sales and consumer intent from click-to-call activity, the study used Marchex Call DNA, which visually maps, scores and classifies phone calls automatically.

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