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UK: Sale of new diesel and petrol heavy goods vehicles to be banned

Christian Fernsby |
There will be no new diesel or petrol heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) sold after 2040 as part of a government plan to decarbonise the transport sector, the UK's largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Department for Transport's 'greenprint' for helping the UK get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 includes several new announcements, including a commitment to get domestic aviation emissions to net zero by 2040, ten years earlier than previously promised.

It also includes a pledge to make the government's own fleet of approximately 40,000 cars and vans net zero by 2027, three years sooner than planned, as well as a proposal to make sure that newly installed home charging points for electric vehicles are run using a smart meter so that they draw from the grid at the cheapest and most environmentally friendly times.

Some campaign groups were critical of the plan, which has yet to receive full and detailed backing from the Treasury.

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