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UK workers feel safer, taking more sick days

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British workers are taking more days off for minor illnesses such as cold and flus, according to new research.

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Far from that meaning we are getting more sickly as a nation, it could suggest a return to job security, according to Fisherman’s Friend, which conducted the research.

UK workers took an average of 1.85 days off for illness in the last year, a rise of less than one day from 2014 – when workers cited job security fears as the main reason for going to the office even when feeling ill.

Over the last year, younger workers took the most time off, with those aged 16 to 34 taking an average of 2.68 days off.

Social workers and human resources professionals were absent for the greatest number of day with an average of 4.65 and 3.21 respectively. Taxi and lorry drivers and shop assistants were the nation’s most stoic workers with an average of less than 1.5 days off.

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