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Ukraine mulls major modernization of airports by 2030

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The Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry has developed an Aviation Transport Strategy, which envisages a major modernization of the country's airports by 2030.

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he strategy stipulates that five airports in the Eastern European country should be upgraded within the next 12 years to serve long-haul flights, said Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Besides, the document suggests that 15 other Ukrainian airports have to meet the criteria to serve medium-haul routes by 2030, the agency said.

The strategy, which needs government approval before taking effect, also targets to make Boryspil International Airport, the largest airport in Ukraine, a transit hub of Eastern Europe.

According to the State Aviation Agency of Ukraine, currently, there are 21 airports in the East European country, including 17 international airports.

In 2017, the Ukrainian airports served 16.499 million passengers, up 27.6 percent from a year before.

Boryspil is the only airport in Ukraine, which serves long-haul flights.

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