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Unsecured computer on desks of 84% of mobile workers

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Some 84% of mobile workers are using organization-supplied computers, many of which are not provided with managed security, as their primary access to work.

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The usage pattern is important because many organizations appear to be underestimating the security risks posed by unmanaged laptops and desktops used by mobile workers to access enterprise applications and data, according to a new SANS survey, Securing Portable Data and Applications on Enterprise Mobile Workspaces.

Based on survey data, mobile workers use laptops and desktops for a lot of their work. But securing that environment for mobile workers is a challenge. USB devices and Windows To Go features are two options for providing such an environment.

Only 7% of organizations with 500–10,000 employees and just 13% with more than 10,000 employees encrypt their USB devices.

Windows To Go features offer a safer means of replicating the laptop/desktop environment while enabling mobility. Although only 56% of respondents are familiar with the features, they represent another avenue available to secure the work environment of the mobile workforce.

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