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Upscale Baby Boomers plan luxury purchases

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More than half (52%) of "upscale" U.S. Baby Boomers plan to buy one or more luxury product or service over the next 12 months, a new report has shown.

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According to the Shullman Research Center, this demographic is defined as people with a personal net worth of more than $1 million or who live in households with at least $250k annual income, Marketing Charts reported. Representing roughly 9 million of the total U.S. population, upscale Baby Boomers account for about 12% of all 75 million Baby Boomers in the country, the study said.

It revealed 30% of them intend to take a luxury holida.y over the coming year, compared to 8% of "mass market" Baby Boomers and 12% of all U.S adults.

Other significant differences of purchase intention between upscale Baby Boomers and the rest of the adult population include buying premium beers (15% versus 9% of all adults) and buying premium cosmetics (18% versus 8% of all adults).

Elsewhere, 27% of upscale Boomers plan to buy premium wines (versus 7% of all adults), 10% intend to buy a premium liquor (versus 6%) and 9% plan to buy designer collection clothing or accessories (versus 3% of all adults).

With these upscale Baby Boomers accounting for nearly a quarter (23%) of total estimated net worth, marketers have been advised not to neglect them by concentrating only on millennials, who account for 21% of total net worth.

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