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Uruguay generating 98% of electricity from renewables

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Ninety-eight percent of Uruguay’s electricity so far this year has come from sources of renewable energy, the president of the state-run electric company UTE said.

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Gonzalo Casaravilla made the announcement during a meeting of business owners, executives and investors in the energy sector that was held at the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in Montevideo.

Uruguay, he said, “has made a very good investment” with the installation of hydroelectric dams that represent 50 percent of the current supply, added to which are sources of wind and solar energy, which contribute another 40 percent, with an additional 8 percent from biomass.

Changing the source of Uruguay’s electricity supply has taken an investment of some $3 billion in wind energy and another $500 million in solar, as well as some $15 million in microgeneration systems, Casaravilla said.

“And there you have all the sources of renewable energy, with the latter biomass part representing a further investment in the electricity sector of around $400 million associated with the energy generating plants,” Casaravilla said.

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