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U.S., European and Chinese companies to invest $800m in Armenia

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Some international companies, including Chinese, American, and European companies expressed an intention to invest $800 million in Armenia, said the Minister of Economy Artsvik Minasyan.

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New investments are expected to be made in Amulsar gold min. There are also other projects in the mining sector. A new wave of investors is expected in free economic zones of Armenia.

The Ministry of Economy makes his estimates based on the investment commitments of those companies, according to which they are going to become the resident of free economic zone and receive tax benefits. In case they disregard the duties, their benefits will be revoked.

"We plan to expand our work in the Silicon Valley, and vice versa, to attract high-tech investors, including the American Armenian investors. Our last meeting with the representatives of the Armenian community in Los Angeles makes us believe, that such an activity will be possible to realize, "he said.

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